Frequently asked questions


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How do you book a Chicago Skydive? You can book online or call us. If you book from our website, you will need your email address, phone number, and names of the people in your group.
How can I pay for my skydive? We accept cash, credit card, or debit card. We do not accept checks. If you used a card to pay for your jump in full, you will need to bring your card to show us.
Is there a reservation fee? There is a $39 reservation fee for each jumper in your group.
How do I complete my waiver? Skydiving is a dangerous activity. Everyone who will be jumping must complete a release of liability waiver. After booking your jumps, please complete the tandem skydive liability waiver online, and share this link with every member of your group. If you choose to complete the waiver in person, there is a $10 processing fee for each waiver.
Do you have age limits? You must be at least 18 years old. You must show us a drivers license or other government-issued ID. There is no upper age limit. You must be reasonably fit enough to make the jump.
Do you have a weight limit? 250 pounds

Cancellation and rescheduling

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What is your cancellation policy? You may cancel up to 24 hours before your jump and receive your full deposit back. You will not receive your deposit back if you cancel less than 24 hours before your jump.
What weather could prevent skydiving? We will not jump in rain or storms, when clouds are too dense below jump altitudes, when wind exceeds 22mph, or when the temperature drops below 30°F. You can check our Facebook page for our thoughts on the weather.
What if the weather looks bad on the day of my jump? We will try to call everyone two hours before their scheduled jump, to talk about the weather and your options. We also post weather information on our Facebook page.


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When should jumpers and spectators arrive? Jumpers should arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled jump time. To qualify for the group discount, all jumpers in a group must arrive at the same time. Spectators can arrive 15 to 20 minutes later.
What should I expect when I arrive? When you arrive, expect to check in at the service desk, pay for your skydive, and complete the required paperwork (which includes a liability waiver). Once completed, you will be assigned a tandem instructor who will guide you through your jump.
What could happen if I arrive too late? Arriving late could significantly increase your wait time. If you arrive way too late (within our judgement), we reserve the right to charge a late arrival fee, or cancel your jump without refunding the deposit.
How long should I expect to be here? Please note the following times are averages, and your time here could vary for many reasons.
  • VIP tandem skydives: about one hour.
  • Standard tandem skydives on weekdays: about an hour and a half.
  • Standard tandem skydives on weekends: about two and a half hours.

Clothes and things to bring

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Can I bring my camera on a skydive? You cannot take your own camera (or phone) on a skydive, for the safety of everyone. Taking photos on the ground is OK within the designated spectator area.
What should I bring? Bring your government-issued ID, as you must be at least 18 years old to skydive. Bring your payment card if you are paying for your skydive this way.
What should I wear? Wear comfortable clothing that you are OK with getting dirty. You can wear a t-shirt and shorts on a warm day. At jump altitudes, it is slightly colder than on the ground. We have jumpsuits if you would like to wear one on your jump. We also have hats and gloves.
What shoes are required? Tennis shoes are required. Going barefoot, sandals, hard-soled shoes, or boots are not allowed.
Do you have goggles? Yes, we have goggles for people with and without glasses.

The skydive

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What is the jump altitude? We normally jump from 12500 feet. Cloud cover might affect the altitude we jump at.