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Enjoy a thrilling skydiving experience near the Windy City of Chicago!
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  1. Review our Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Review our skydive options on this page
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  4. Everyone jumping must complete the tandem skydive liability waiver

Our Chicago skydive options


Choose between our standard and VIP skydive.

Standard tandem skydive
  • You pick the date and time
  • Most popular
  • Any day of the week
  • Plan to be here for 3 hours
  • Starting at $000
VIP tandem skydive
  • You pick the date, walk in any time of day
  • Great for busy schedules
  • Sat-Sun only
  • Plan to be here for 1 hour
  • Starting at $000

Media packages

Remember your skydive forever with pictures and video.

Bronze package
No photos or video. If you change your mind, you can purchase them after your jump.
Gold package
Photos and instructor hand-camera video.
Platinum package
Photos, instructor hand-camera video, and outside video by another skydiver.